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Lowongan Kerja EHS Assistant

EHS Assistant - Placement in Central Kalimantan (Site Area)

  1. Minimal 3 (three) years experience on EHS/Sustainability related matters
  2. Has certificate: 1. AK3 Umum & 2. Fire training Class B
  3. Able to communicate in English language (oral & written)
  4. Willing to be placed in Central Kalimantan site (Site area)
Job Description:
  • Strictly control for execution of EHS Plan, target and program in The Region to follow the target for both leading and lagging indicators
  • Ensure full compliance with ISO, RSPO, ISPO standards and government regulations
  • Ensure timely report of AMDAL RKL-RPL, Hazardous Waste, POME Quality, Soil Quality, Landfire Equipment and Safety Committee to respective parties
  • Plan and conduct EHS & Fire training and campaign to respective parties
  • Conduct regular inspection and internal audit for The Region to ensure full compliances with standards and or regulations, and ensure corrective action plan is provided and documented properly
  • Conduct regular inspection and monitoring of conservation areas in the region (HCV-HCS)
  • Liaise with respective stakeholders to follow up their concern in The Region, communicate with the GM at unit and provide the plan to mitigate the impact related to EHS & Fire
  • Support all external audit program conduct by Certification & Accreditation Body, Governments (PROPER, PUP), buyer and or others concerned stakeholders. Support the unit to rectify the gaps
Please send your CV to: recruitment@goodhope.co

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