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Lowongan Kerja Jakarta Financial Controller

Financial Controller

Open vacancy : Financial Controller (Jakarta Based).


  1. Provide financial reporting and analysis to guide decision making at group level
  2. Ensure compliance with local law, tax provisions, and relevant industry & financial regulation.
  3. Managing financial transactions and cash flow management.
  4. Coordinating with external financial, compliance, and tax auditors.
  5. Administer loan agreements for company borrowings and manage receivables collections.
  6. Assist budget creating, including incorporating historical data.
  7. Identify efficiencies and opportunities for cost reductions across the business.
  8. Mentoring and managing the accounting and financial staff
  9. Create and monitor company policies and internal controls, esp.spending controls and fraud mitigation.


  • Master degree in accounting or equivalent
  • Proven experience in finance management and sound knowledge of accounting fundamentals
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and strong leadership qualities
  • Proficiency in accounting software
  • Strong problem solving and analytical skills
Interested candidate, please send CV & current salary to: recruitment@starhunterindonesia.com

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