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Lowongan Kerja Event Specialist

I'm hiring for position Event Specialist

  • Develop event Planning concept and ideation
  • Lead & creating the initiation and planning long and short term of a project, including setting targets, and ensure technical feasibility
  • Responsible for all the preparations, implementations, and quality control and also coordinates with all cross division and also external party
  • Schedule the daily/weekly cadence of the program activities, presentations to stakeholders, finalization of program content, development of the communication, implementation, and launch support plans.
  • Manage overall team workloads & strategy
  • This position primarily will handles multiple project at the same time and heavy complexity
  1. Bachelor degree with any major from any reputable university
  2. Min 3-5 years of working experience in handling exhibitions within the same position or scope of roles
  3. Have good record and skill in Concept Development, and also have an excellent understanding in Entertainment Market, Marketing Communication, Event Production and Brand Development Strategy 
  4. Have a good visual communication skill, Proactive and fast pace.
If you are open to a new opportunity. Feel free to DM me or send your CV to rahmania.dewi@beyondaesthetic.id.

Thank you!

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