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Lowongan Kerja Karawang Leader Logistic

Lowongan Kerja Karawang Leader Logistic


Kualifikasi :

  1. Male
  2. Usia 24-27 years
  3. S1 , All Majoring
  4. Good English
  5. Experience in Automotive Industry or same industry area (Especially in Logistic or Warehouse)

Job Description:

  • Make logistics & System for SAP
  • Manage 9 team members of Day or Night shift
  • Control KPI to keep good condition in GENBA Make Production Planning schedule
  • Monitoring daily product, material & storage
  • Monitoring stock material for the production
  • Ensure the schedule production running smoothly involve raw material, storage, production & logistics

send CV to 
  • erna@asnoconsulting.co.id
subject : leader logistic

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