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Lowongan Pekerjaan Qverse

Qverse is hiring Finance Staff!

  1. A bachelor in Accounting or related is required
  2. Fresh graduates are welcome
  3. Have extensive knowledge of financial services transactions/activities, including journal entries and financial statements preparations is a plus
  4. Tax Brevet Certification
  5. Proficient with Indonesia financial reporting standards and regulatory
  6. Familiar with accounting standards especially PSAK 71, 72 & 73 and OJK regulations related to banking and financial services
  7. Resilient, adaptable and keen on continuous learning and development
Job Description:
  1. Review Payment Request and ensure all supporting documents are completed and valid
  2. Record Account Payable and Account Receivable transaction in accounting software
  3. Review, verify and reconcile repayment settlement
  4. Review the Account Receivable & Account Payable aging schedule
  5. Ensure all finance documents are filled and arranged properly with appropriate labels
  6. Assist the team in completing month-end or year-end closing procedures
  7. Manage billed and unbilled amount to maintain customer aging schedule
If you feel match with the position, please kindly drop your CV to people@qverse.id with email subject: Name-Position.

Feel free to share this with your network. Have a nice day, thank you

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