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Lowongan Pekerjaan PT. Multi Kencana Niagatama

PT. Multi Kencana Niagatama is hiring for Export Sales Manager!

  • goog_2084441344Support specifiers related to Multi Kabel products, solutions, and specifications
  • Achieve personal targets this year as assigned by the manager
  • Can establish a good relationship to help secure orders and close the project cycle
  • Responsible for looking at new markets in new territory.
  • Finding new potential business partners/agents in a new country.
  • Prepare documentation regarding an agreement with the business partner
  • Understand or try to understand the details agreed with the business partner, such as the payment term, the purchase order system, forecast order, and price.
  • Build relations and coordination related to new territory (government or private company).
  • Maintain existing business partners/agents.
  • Know registration process for a new product, new country, renewal of existing product both process in internal and external (government country of origin and destination country).
  • Knowledge in freight forwarder and export shipment process from order to manufacturing until products ready to be delivered
  • Monitoring logistic process from loading, and dispatching until finalization of Shipping Document with EXIM Team
  1. Not more than 35 years old
  2. Experience in a similar position (Coordinator / Junior Manager level) at least 3 years
  3. Actively speaking and correspondence in English is a must
  4. Knowing additional foreign languages (Chinese) would be advantageous
  5. Have knowledge of the Aluminum Rod market and regulations (Export regulations) in other countries (Southeast Asia and India)
Send your CV to hrd@multi-kabel.com

Apply now and see you

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