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Lowongan Pekerjaan PE Maintenance Manager

POSITION : PE Maintenance Manager

Requirement detail :
  1. Min D3 better S1
  2. Age --Min 35 --Max 45 years old
  3. Experience --Min 3 years as --Manager Maintenance
  4. Strong leadership
  5. English Active
Job Description :
  1. Enforcing discipline and rules that apply in the company or industry within the scope of the maintenance, production division
  2. Responsible for the performance of the maintenance team and transfer knowledge to the team
  3. Achieving the target of production quality and quantity
  4. guarantee the smooth operation of the machine
  5. Maintaining company confidentiality in the field of production technology
  6. Carry out maintenance on all production machines
  7. Regulate company activities related to the maintenance and upkeep of company infrastructure Client Produce Big Component, as Cutting --Machining --welding Process --Painting --and Bending.
If you are qualified with the requirement and interest with this opportunity, send your CV to : maryam.nur@os-selnajaya.com. Terima Kasih

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