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Lowongan Pekerjaan D'Cost Group

D'Cost Group is Hiring: Digital Graphic Designer

Job Description:
  1. To develop the design ideas, brainstorm the concepts and the solutions based on creative briefs from social media team
  2. Design visual contents for Instagram, Tiktok
  3. Do editing and digital imaging for raw photo & video material.
  4. Conduct Research on social media trends and convert them into Content
  5. Conduct checking for any potential copyright infringement in every content produced.
  6. Adhere to brand guidelines and complete projects according to the deadline
  7. Ensure all projects are on track in terms of deliverables - quantity and quality
  1. Minimum Diploma Degree in Visual communication Design/Equivalent.
  2. Always up to date with design trends in and outside industries.
  3. Highly creative and have a good layout, color, and typography aesthetic.
  4. Can do digital imaging and video editing.
  5. Preferably able to do photography and videography.
  6. Able to work independently or as a team.
  7. Able to work under pressure and in tight deadlines.
  8. Have at least 1 year of experience in a related field.
  9. Proficient in design software such as, adobe photoshop, lightroom premiere, after effect, canva or similar software.
  10. Proficient in MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint
  11. Fluent in english
  12. Would join as soon as possible.
Send your CV to: lisa.septiani@dcostseafood.id

Thankyou :)

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