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Lowongan Pekerjaan PT. Connect Energy Services

PT. Connect Energy Services now hiring! Project Location: Tanjung Balai Karimun Positions: Electrical & Instrument Supervisor, Nationality: Indonesian

Qualifications :
  1. Fluent English
  2. Experiences in the fabrication/construction field
  3. Minimum experience in the same field are 5 years good leadership
Responsibility :
  1. Implement daily electrical and instrument inspections and records.
  2. Implement a preventive maintenance plan till completion
  3. Complete electrical and instrument repairing in time according to the procedures and production priorities
  4. Analyze the equipment breakdown root causes and propose some improvement
  5. Ensure up-to-date documentation
  6. Ensure safe coordination and execution of all maintenance preventive or corrective activities performed by external contractors strictly following Company HSE guidelines and policies
  7. Coordinates commissioning punch list clearance activities with project team groups
  8. Reports progress, performance, issues, and challenges to Pre Commissioning, Commissioning & Start‐Up (PCC&SU) Manager.
  9. Strong HSE awareness and commitment to site HSE policy is required.
About the job :
  1. Work duration is 6 months first (extendable)
  2. Project is NFPS
  3. The work location is Karimun Yard
  4. No rotation schedule
  5. Normal working hours (40 hours/week), and extra working hours are counted as overtime
Send your CV and Certificate now to: recruiterconnectenergy@gmail.com in PDF format with the subject: Apply (Position Name) Jakarta e.g: Apply E&I Supervisor Karimun

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