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Lowongan Pekerjaan PT Cirebon Energi Prasarana (CEPR)

PT Cirebon Energi Prasarana (CEPR), C2 Coal Fired Power Plant (CFPP) 1 x 1000 MW Ultra Super Critical is hiring Talents).

Posisi: Boiler Maintenance Engineer
  1. Min. 10 years of experience in CFPP with 6 years of experience in Engineer position
  2. Bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering or related study of power plant is preferable
  3. Experience in large capacity CFPP (above 660 MW) with Super Critical Boiler will be an advantage
  4. Experience in conducting preventive, corrective maintenance for equipment’s of main boiler (burner, ignitor, furnace etc.) and auxiliary system (fuel/coal system, air transport system, flue gas system), machinery parts and ash transport system.
  5. Experience in unit outage and maintenance overhaul
  6. Experience managing team members (subordinate)
  7. Clean track record of 3rd party vendor management
  8. Proven active English communication skill (verbal and written) is a must
  9. Willing to be involved in pre-commissioning activities and pre COD planning and preparation
  10. Willing to work in Cirebon
Send your Latest CV in English (max 1MB) with subject BOILER MAINTENANCE ENGINEER not later than 23 June 2022 to recruitment@cirebonpower.co.id

Only applications sent to this email and shortlisted candidates will be contacted.Thank You

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