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Lowongan Pekerjaan Paxel Indonesia Technology

Paxel Indonesia Technology Team is rapidly growing and looking for this following position:
  1. Software Project Manager (Senior)
  2. Product Manager (Senior)
  3. Tech Lead (Senior)
  4. Product Quality Analyst (Supervisor)
  5. Full-stack Developer (Entry-Junior to Mid-level)
  6. IT Service Desk (Entry - Mid)
  7. Mobile Developer IoS (Entry - Mid)
  8. Product Quality Assurance (Entry - Mid)
Please kindly send your Application Letter and Resume to peopleexperience@paxel.co; rizki.esa@paxel.co, and vico.pradipta@paxel.co.

With the following subject: Your nickname - Position.

Are you brave enough to make an impact?. Thank you and stay safe!

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