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Lowongan Pekerjaan Heavy Equipment Assessor & Trainer (HEAT) Supervisor

WE ARE HIRING : Heavy Equipment Assessor & Trainer (HEAT) Supervisor

Currently, Pani Gold Project, one of promising Merdeka Copper Gold Projects is seeking suitable candidates in HSE Department as a Heavy Equipment Assessor & Trainer Supervisor (Code : HSE-HEAT)

Requirements :
  1. 5-year experiences as HE operator & 3-years as HE operator trainer
  2. Possess competency certificate on training methodology equal to TOT lv 4 BNSP.
  3. Preferably possess valid Frontline Operational Supervisory (POP) competency certificate.
  4. Master min. 3 types of heavy equipment (Excavator, OHT/ADT/ DT, Dozer, Motor Grader)
  5. Able to operate computer
  6. Able to communicate in English
  7. Understand the Basics Principle for Building Commitments
  8. Possess Training and Counselling skills.
  9. Able to deliver Training of Trainer
  10. Understand the Basics of Mining Operations
  11. Understand heavy equipment operation.
  12. Understand the basics of heavy equipment mechanical systems
  13. Willing to be placed at Pani Gold Project Site, Pohuwato-Gorontalo with roster scheme 4 weeks on site and 2 weeks off (leave will be fully accommodated to POH)
If you have interest and suitable for this position, please submit your updated cv to : pani.recruitment@merdekacoppergold.com and write the position code applied in subject line: Code Position_Name

no later than June 24th 2022.

Only Interested applicants who meet the requirements are encouraged to apply. Thank you and have a good day!

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