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Lowongan Pekerjaan L2 Engineer (CCNP)

Job Requirement: L2 Engineer (CCNP)

  1. Eager to learn, Learning anything relative IT technology especially service provider
  2. Doing assessment for MOP and or LLD/design preparation for project implementation
  3. Create MOP, and/or LLD
  4. Installation, Integration and Migration for project implementation
  5. Troubleshooting and reporting for network issue both software and hardware
  6. Close Coordination with team
  7. A candidate will be part of implementation/project team (Service Delivery Team).
  1. Minimum has three years of working experience in related field
  2. Have a valid Cisco Certification (CCNP/ CCIE) or similar
  3. Familiar with Cisco technology especially in routing switching and Service Provider.
  4. Have a good knowledge and conceptual in IGP (OSPF & ISIS), BGP, MPLS, LDP, Segment Routing, L2/L3VPN and Traffic engineering
  5. Have a good knowledge and conceptual in OSI layer and TCP/IP, network and basic routing switching.
  6. Have a Linux skillset is an advantage
Please Submit CV to email : info@bestpath-network.com
Subject : L2 Engineer (CCNP)

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