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Lowongan Pekerjaan Training and Development Officer

Dermaster is looking for: Training and Development Officer

  1. Bachelor Degree (S1) from Human Resource Management, Communication, Operation, Education
  2. At least 2 years of experiences in Learning & Development
  3. Good analytical thinking, excellent logical thinking and able to solve problem quickly & independently
  4. Attention to detail, organize, well-structured and productive
  5. Able to prioritize under deadline pressure
Job Descriptions:
  1. Develop competency model, assess the capability gaps, and conduct analysis of employees learning needs
  2. Develop learning activities, materials, instructor guides and lesson plans
  3. Organize, administrate and set up training program and events as requirement
  4. Continuously evaluate and develop new learning program to ensure it's relevancy and effectiveness
  5. Research the latest trends, tools, and best practice in the learning and development space and recommend suitable application
  6. Maintain training records & reports
  7. Administer training need analysis
  8. Make and implement internal & external training plan
  9. Manage duty lists and job descriptions
  10. Control vendors' administrative matters
  11. Promotion, demotion, and mutation matters
Send your cv: ezzard@dermaster-indonesia.com , Subject: TnD Officer

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