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Lowongan Pekerjaan PT. Kalibesar Raya Utama (KBRU Insurance Brokers)

PT. Kalibesar Raya Utama (KBRU Insurance Brokers) open position for : DIGITAL MARKETING

  1. Build, plan and implement the overall digital marketing strategy
  2. Manage and oversee different digital marketing channels
  3. Build digital marketing campaign
  4. Manage all digital marketing advertisements to ensure brand consistency
  5. Develop specific campaigns to create and maintain high levels of customer interaction
  6. Manage all the company's social media accounts
  1. Bachelor degree in Marketing, Communication or other relevant/related majors
  2. Minimum 2 years experience in related field
  3. Good communication skill in English, both oral and written is a must
  4. Experience in Marketplace & E-commerce Handling
  5. In depth knowledge of digital marketing best practices and implementation
  6. Dynamic, creative, innovative, fast learner and highly motivated with excellent service attitude
  7. Familiar with Google, Facebook, Instagram and many platform
  8. Strong knowledge and experience with Search Engine Marketing (SEO, Google Ad words, Google Analytics), Social Media marketing, e-commerce, digital ads.
Drop your CV: recruitment@kbru.co.id, subject : Position_Name

Thankyou and have a nice day 

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