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Lowongan Pekerjaan Mitra Aplikasi Digital

Mitra Aplikasi Digital

We are a Tech company that focuses on automation, integration and customization work specially in the communication sector. We help our clients improve their customer service, sales process and automate mundane tasks to deliver efficiency and cost savings to their business. Our core technologies revolve around chat bot, voice bot, RPA, to Wi-Fi.


  1. Digital Marketing knowledge (Social Media, Ads, E-commerce etc)
  2. Communication
  3. Fast learner
Main Activity;
  1. Collecting database of potential Clients
  2. Client Call & Email
  3. Customer Relation
  4. Arrange meeting
  5. Prepare Business proposal and Quotations
Additional Info;
  1. Max 2 Years exp or Fresh Grad
  2. 6 month intern
  3. Hybrid working (2D WFO & 3D WFH)
  4. Placement: Pos Pengumben, Jakarta Barat
  5. Will receive Transport & lunch fee + Certificate

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