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Lowongan Pekerjaan Industry Manufacture

Our client is looking for

Posisi: Billing Officer
Contract-based for 1 Month
Industry: Manufacture

  1. This role is responsible accountable for creating invoices and tax invoice, issuing them to customers by all necessary means, and updating customer files
  2.  Maintain billing records in adherence with the company policy
  3. Typing in billing data into a computer for all services rendered with proper coding, filing claims submissions, allocating collenctions and filing receipts
  4. Calculating closing and balancing on a daily & monthly basis, and basic bookkeeping
  1. Diploma Degree
  2. Min. 0-1 Years related experiences
  3. Good math & analytical skills
  4. Understanding of applicable computer systems (Ms. Office, Lotus Notes, and function specific software
  5. Good typing & data entry skills
  6. Good organizational & attention to detail skills
Component of salary

Basic Salary + Overtime
If you're interested, send your newest resume to 

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