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Lowongan Pekerjaan GF Culinary

GF Culinary

Position: Marketing Assistant Manager
Placement: PIK, North Jakarta

Job Description:
  1. Planning and supervising marketing operations to achieve revenue target
  2. Coordinate with Brand Manager in developing marketing plan and budget
  3. Analyze sales data and determine sales forecast
  4. Recommend creative and cost effective promotional activities
  5. Conduct marketing campaigns and trade shows to promote brand awareness among consumers
  6. Coordinate with art departments to develop window displays and signage
  7. Assist in designing and developing marketing collaterals and promotional materials
  8. Maintain customer relationship programs and track customer satisfaction
  9. Generate sales and marketing reports to management when needed
  10. Cooperate with the management in the development of marketing programs and criteria to achieve sales goals
  11. Evaluate current marketing program and recommend improvements
  12. Stay updated with latest marketing trends and competitor activities
  13. Updating social media account
Job Requirements:
  1. Bachelor’s degree in PR/marketing/communication or similar
  2. Strong analytical and project management skills
  3. Confident and dynamic personality
  4. Experience 2-3 years in the same position as Marketing Supervisor or Marketing Assistant Manager preferably in food & beverage industry
  5. Experience worked with influencers or KOL for marketing purposes
  6. Experience handled marketing for multibrand
  7. Must communicate in Bahasa & English
  8. Presentable, able communicate skillfully in good manner and work under pressure
  9. Under 35 years old
Send your updated CV to recruitment@gfculinary.com Subject: Marketing Assistant Manager - Name - Linkedin

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