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Lowongan Pekerjaan Admin staff

Hello My Building Colleagues,

Our client engaged in Trading Industry is looking for an Admin staff with details below:

  1. Female (Preferably Single)
  2. Age: 21 to 25 years old
  3. Education: D1 or above (Graduated from a vocational school or above)
  4. Minimum one year working experience
  5. Experienced working in Japanese trading companies (Preferred)
  6. Able to speak good English
Job Description:
  1. Issuing SURAT JALAN (delivery note )
  2. Handling of delivery dates with Customers
  3. Handling of delivery dates with Suppliers
  4. Arrangement of Delivery transportation 
  5. Inventory control
  6. Other shipping work
Notes: Able to work after Lebaran leave
Placement: Cikarang

If you meet the requirements above, send your CV to:
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