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Lowongan Pekerjaan PT Pratama Abadi Industri

PT Pratama Abadi Industri, a sports shoe manufacture in Tangerang is open vacant for: SYSTEM IMPLEMENTATION & SYSTEM DEVELOPMENT STAFF FOR LEAN DEPARTEMENT

Main job description:
  1. Held multiskill and NPS Training
  2. Collecting improvement ideas (Kaizen)
  3. Work Indoor and Ourdoor
  4. Facilitates and evaluates the new project of Lean
  1. Min. held bachelor degree form any major (preferably Industrial / Mechanical / Chemical engineering)
  2. Having knowledge about Lean System
  3. 2 years experience in a related field (Lean / NOS Implementation)
  4. Having experiene in a manufacturing shoes company would be an advantage
  5. Fluent in English is a must
  6. Having good communication skills (Verbal and Writted Communication)
  7. Willing to be placed at Serpong, South Tangerang
If you match the requirements, kindly send your resume, transcript, and cover letter to 
PS : only shortlisted candidates will processed.

Good luck!

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