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Lowongan Pekerjaan PT. Paskal Kreatif Teknologi

PT. Paskal Kreatif Teknologi

Position : AI Engineer

job Description:
  1. Develop method and solution for real world problem using computer vision, image processing, and AI.
  2. Solve computer vision problem to get a low cost and efficient implementation.
  3. Test and improve our existing deep learning framework and model.
  4. Design and Develop analytic pipelines and services to implement AI models and Continuous learning
  5. Collaborate with AI scientist and software engineer team to put newly improved model or algorithm into production.
  1. B.Sc or M.S in computer science, electronic engineering, mechanical engineering, mechatronics engineering, or any related field.
  2. Experience with Deep Learning (2 years), experience with soft development (Backend) is preferable. Fresh graduates welcome to apply
  3. Proficient with Python. Proficient in C++ is a plus
  4. +1 years experience hands on experimenting with conventional machine learning and deep learning that implemented for computer vision and/or image processing
  5. Familiar with the following libraries: Pytorch, Darknet, OpenCV, PIL, ONNX,TensorRT, Scikit-Learn
  6. Possessed with research methodology best practices (Theoretical definition, conducting rapid prototyping and experiment, making conclusion, and creating research documentation)
  7. Familiar with knowledge in popular deep learning network architecture and able to point out its advantages and disadvantage
  8. Familiar with the numerical analysis method and advance linear algebra and statistics
  9. Familiarity with Machine Learning Engineering (MLOps) concept is preferable
Please send us your CV, Certificate and Transcript to : 
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